We manage the logistics such as movement, warehousing, and delivery of materials. So as to keep your production lines running very well.
Providing the best supply chain solutions for your business.


Our logistics team manage the movement, warehouse and delivery of materials. So as to keep your production lines and inventories flowing as smoothly as possible. Working from your company’s forecasts by monitoring period of time events. We are able to deliver your shipments to you, even when requirements are fluctuating on a daily basis.


All customers are given their own account manager. We also manage the transportation & reply to any queries, such as expected delivery times. Or if more supplies add to the order. You’ll be able to track and access the real-time movement of your shipments. We work with standards, ensuring all parts handled with care. And delivered in pristine condition. Besides all orders packed using protected, conductive or vacuum sealed packaging where necessary.

Lead Logistics Services

When you need logistics solutions for your complete supply chain, we have you covered. freight management, transport management and supply chain solutions. Managing logistics and a wide range of external providers across your supply chain is complex.

Damex Trading has the expertise to manage these complexities under one roof. We identify and bring on board the best and most competitive providers. And also sub-contractors for each aspect of your supply chain. In doing so, you receive the optimal logistics set up for your business. We use top service providers and draw on a broad set of providers to guarantee capacity. By acting as a single point of contact, while accessing the skills, capacity and cost advantage of the best service providers on the market.

Regional Lead Logistics 

We understand that managing global supply chains requires local knowledge. At every stage, market structures, culture, politics and local business practices can vary. Cross-border logistics, in particular, can be complex. That’s why we have developed regional services to handle the local aspects of global logistics. Lead Logistics Europe, Lead Logistics Americas and Lead Logistics Asia Pacific.


Our team of specialists can work alongside existing structures if required. To assist your team deliver noticeable cost-savings through the simplification of transportation networks.
Doing so won’t save your business but by reducing inefficiencies across your chain. you’ll be able to additionally gain a competitive advantage over rival corporations.