About Us

Private Equity & Joint Venture Investment finance company

investment finance company/ Private equity

Damex Trading Company is a Private Equity & Joint Venture Investment finance company that focuses on investing in any lucrative business proposal brought forward by any investment partner. We are currently looking to invest in any project funding, large scale Real Estate, Business Finance, Mining, Oil and gas, Hotels.

We handle clients with a plan of reviews and risk controls. Through private equity, our company creates a cooperative investment strategy wherever our mission is single-minded. We focus on providing trade funding, a custom-made recommendation for investment finance. We focus on providing freelance analysis and investment recommendations for our shopper portfolios. Our clients rely on us to navigate the range of financial Investments they seek to meet.

Our company dedicates to providing exceptional investment management services by customizing money advice. Also disciplined management to capture opportunity while minimizing risk and personalized investment strategies. Hence we base by providing an aim with a perspective. Also personalized designing, and complicated investment finance to individual investors and families.

Investment Finance Commitment

Our commitment is to remain a trusted and unbiased resource for clients. investment finance and markets are ever-changing quick. Investors are always looking to partner with advisers. For this reason, we give open-minded advice to assist clients with financial planning. These factors mean providing clients with independent investment advice.

Certainly, we do believe that investing in money alone is insufficient. Understanding how to use it is the core element of true business growth. Without it, success is never assured. Instead, we have a long term vision. To make sure that the businesses we work with will continue to grow, we share this knowledge as part of our hard work in investment finance.

Furthermore, we invest cash and our team’s collective talent, knowledge, and experience. As a result, we aim at delivering exceptional year to year growth in firms we invest in. This customized plan has made us strong and grows bigger across many sectors. It has also enabled us to outperform most investment finance funds since our beginning.

We commit to providing services that meet your needs and exceeds your expectations. Every Loan Market mortgage adviser aims to make your home investment finance experience a good one. And supports Loan Market’s service commitment to you.

Our customers are the heart and soul of what we do. Many of the customers we help to become like family. Because trust is the biggest part of our relationship. Whether you need money fast, help with your taxes, or guidance to rebuild credit. We are a trusted investment finance resource in your community. Your financial health is what we care about.