Esports Business Loans

We help give esports business loans to grow your business . Most traditional lenders won’t lend to an eSports organization loans and/or player loans. They don’t understand your business, and the potential in it. We do lend esports business loans. One of our founding partners is a former eSports team owner. And needless to say – we understand your challenges. Getting funding is difficult in general. And moreover, due to how new the eSports industry is. It can be difficult to explain to a traditional lender your business model.

We get it.

We can provide eSports teams and players with a business loan so they can continue to operate. And also grow their eSports empire. We’ll provide same day funding, so you can grow your eSports venture. Regardless of how much money you need – we can help. We look at your eSports teams success record. And then look at how much revenue you’re generating – and present a term sheet based on that.

We offer eSport business loans up to 1-2 years.

Our company offers eSport teams business financing, with repayment options lasting several years. Our goal is to help grow your team, and we’ll work with you to do it.

Bad credit isn’t an issue.
Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t rely our decision on your credit, or lack of credit. We look at your eSports success – and how much revenue you’re generating. Based on that, we offer a potential loan.

We can lend up to $5 million very quick.
Besides having our own private fund, we have many partners who we can bring in to help on bigger deals.


Our simple, repayable, unsecured esports business loans are to meet the needs of each organization. And can be repayable over 3 to 5 years.  If needed, a repayment holiday of up to 24 months may be available. Giving projects time to generate sustainable revenue before starting to repay the loan.

We can invest in organizations that are looking to develop new projects. As well as operations and revenue streams. Whilst every organizations’ needs will differ. we expect the funding to be also used for projects and activities such as:

  • Equipment to support revenue streams 
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of staff and volunteers 
  • Equipment to support business functions, including finance, project management and governance 
  • Other operating costs 

We can invest in a wide range of organisations. From community sports clubs to social enterprises charities. And also profit-with-purpose businesses that deliver sport and physical activity.