Our Values

Our Values have been constant since ever since. Also our business Values are the core principles or standards that guide the way we do business. And they summarize what we stand for and what makes us special.

Whilst our business strategy has evolved to maximize lending opportunities . One in which regulation and competition have intensified. The core Values of our business have remained the same. Working in partnership with our Code of Ethics that supports responsible business practice. Our Values help differentiate us from our competitors. And this provides reassurance to our customers that they’ve made the right decision in choosing our products and services.

we believe in a multidimensional approach to offering the best customer service and maintaining our position as a leader in the Loan industry.

By upholding the following values, we strive to be the best provider of Loans, be recognized as a valuable and unique resource and remain an influential and inspirational figure in the community.

Our approach to investment is easy according to our values. Therefore we look at businesses. Damex Trading company buys undervalued shares and sell them after they have reached their worth. Regardless of public opinion because those are our values.

Client focused

Above all we always place our clients’ interests first and avoid conflicts of interest. We try and build our clients’ trust and confidence through wonderful client service. We design our products and costs so that they tie our success to that of our clients.

Performance driven

Very demanding and challenging standards are set, aiming to be the best in our activities. Our business model design is to encourage and bring excellence. Our investment management fees make our income more sensitive to long-term investment performance. Rather than the size of assets under management.

Long-term oriented

Damex take long-term insights on investment decisions and business strategy. So we try to establish long-term relationships with clients who believe in us. And we also share our conviction in our investment approach. We provide a wide range of products and services. Where the application of our skills can add value and be enduring.

Independent minded

We have the spirit to ignore public opinion or conventional knowledge. For that reason we value, look for and foster diversity of opinion and thought.

Individually accountable

Our company has great faith in the power of the individuals to create a difference. Therefore we believe that the most effective decisions are created by individuals, not committees. And also we accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions.