Investment Process for Business

First of all, we recommend all the steps required for investment diversification for the ideal investment process. Likewise, this involves understanding each client’s goals for investment opportunities in wealth management.

Before Investing, We make each client go through an investment process of risk assessment. A discussion about their money situation, and their goals for the funds to invest with.  Also, this method can become an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). For instance, a formal document that has the objectives, strategy, and limits for the money invested.

Our approach to real estate investment is founded on the following principles:


  • Property is an imperfect asset class which creates opportunity. Exploiting property’s inefficiencies, which drives returns and hence influences our strategy
  • Property must be considered in relation to other asset classes and not in isolation
  • We listen to investors and tailor strategies to suit their requirements and attitude to risk

Stock Selection

  • Stock selection remains fundamentally important. This requires not only significant access to market opportunities but also the application of analytical techniques within the framework of a robust investment process

Asset Management

  • Property generates a regular cash flow that is responsive to asset management and contributes significantly to total return
  • Portfolios should be managed against a clearly defined strategic framework derived from detailed market knowledge and quantitative analysis
  • In recognition that property is a real asset, it needs to be managed effectively so as to exploit ‘added value’ opportunities


  • Our internal and external top-down and bottom-up research underpins our portfolio strategies
  • Top-down research focuses on economic, financial and property market fundamentals, which lead to a set of strategic recommendations on sector and geographical allocation
  • Bottom-up research focuses on individual stock selection and active management potential


We have a well-defined investment process. Which is fundamental to the service we provide. Therefore, this process creates a strong yet flexible framework. For our investment professionals to work together. sharing ideas and challenging each other’s views. It is evolving and we continue to invest in the resources required to ensure it remains robust.

Your investment manager draws on the output from a series of committees covering strategic asset allocation. Investment selection such as equities, bonds and third-party funds; and corporate governance. These teams of experienced professionals meet to discuss the investment environment. And also any opportunities and risks they have identified.

In conclusion, investment managers take part in the investment process for instance from company visits and internal discussions. To analyzing external broker research and assessing investment themes. The process informs their decisions but your individual requirements remain paramount.