Equity Investments Plan

Commercial investments are in areas that have been designation only for conducting trade. For instance commerce and industrial activities. For instance office buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and so on. But, residential investments in real estate include apartments, flats, and townhouses.  Over the past decade, investments in residential buy-to-let properties have escalated. Attractive prices, availability of mortgages, and affordable size of properties. These have maintained a high level of interest in this type of investment.

Individual investors are able to go for this category because of its affordable. Commercial investment in retail properties has stiff entry barriers for individual investors. The size of investment in these properties is usually much higher which makes them hard. Especially for small individual investors. Also, the lease term of a commercial property is generally quite long, say, ten years or more. Residential properties tend to have much shorter lease terms in comparison. These barriers deter smaller investors from entering the commercial property segment.  This creates a good opportunity for investors to make a significant commercial investment. We bring together commercial real estate builders and investors for mutual business advantage.

Advantages of Commercial Investment in Real Estate

Residential investments give returns that increase in asset value of over time. In the case of commercial investments, the return estimates the potential rental income. Commercial investment in such properties provides a consistent flow of revenue over time. Since the valuation of the property estimates the rental return that it achieves. This makes the price of much less volatile as compared to residential properties.

investment in rental properties has proved to be beneficial compared to other investments. This investment also allows the investor to diversify his portfolio. The advantage is that the investments provide the investor with a physical asset. And tends to achieve superior emotional value for the investor. Investing in commercial property is that the investor needs to manage the property. And there are usually expensive government charges and taxes attached to such properties.

But, some investors the returns in properties still make it a lucrative option.  These inherent benefits of commercial property attract the interest of commercial business investors often. We are performing to identify commercial real estate companies that are in need of funds. Especially for their new or existing projects with stable returns.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Market

Most Business investments in real estate are in office buildings, retail centers & industrial complexes. Some of these commercial properties are self-occupied by business, governmental and nonprofit organizations. The other segment is the commercial investment that rents out to tenants by the owners.

Some investments in real estate are in hotels and healthcare properties. Retail stores are more spread all over compared to industrial and office buildings.  We are receiving requests from new commercial real estate ventures. So that we introduce them to other investors who are keen to invest in projects with long term prospects.

Complexity of Commercial Investment in Property

Investments in commercial real estate are more complicated than other asset classes. Some investors may come together to make joint investments in a single project. Sometimes they may also choose to put their money in limited partnerships. For instance that is good for leveraging, but maybe more liquid in character.  It is advisable that only experienced investors should enter into such partnerships.

The risks of commercial investment must be gauged before investments in such properties. It may be worthwhile to hire independent agencies to check such projects. For the reason to receive a realistic and unbiased opinion on the investment.  But, an array of choice of investment makes it easy. We have a collection of early-stage and seed start-up proposals for investors. Such as expansion capital, seed or early stage investment and Research & Development funding.