Procurement Solutions

Damex Trading Company is a procurement company that sources, manages and delivers the best solutions. Especially for your business. we have a global sourcing footprint that cuts across all your supply chain.

Our procurement company focus on managing the large volume of low-value component purchases. Probably the ones that your organization would generally look after on a daily basis. We use our worldwide network and regional representatives. so that we can deliver cost-savings on existing lines. And also source low-cost alternatives. Likewise, we source options to help protect and diversify your existing manufacturing operation.

This means that your purchasing team can now concentrate on adding value to key lines. And other core aspects of your business as well.

Steps in the Process

Our key asset is a responsive, flexible and pragmatic approach. And also our capability to integrate in and/or cooperate with the client. Supported by our straightforward organisational structure and our short communication lines. We are able to provide the expected ability matching the required services.

The combination of local service and close cooperation provides a comprehensive solution. Which facilitates coordination on the one hand. But the availability of international services and standards on the other.


Our team of experienced procurement specialists manages over 130 procurement projects. In addition, each with a value of at least £100,000 over the term of the contract. But being risk aware, we provide guidance to reduce the risk of a legal challenge. And offer procurement frameworks on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Benefits of using a procurement service

It is becoming harder for organizations to fund their own procurement team. However, without these skills organisations must outsource their procurement for a large sum. Or rely on unskilled staff to handle a process rife with legal trip hazards. With dedicated teams for health care and education. Highways, transport and waste. Building, property and maintenance. And commercial necessities. We therefore have the practical experience to guide you through your procurement journey.

How we can help

  • health check of contract spend for common goods and services
  • assess your spend to identify contracts that could be also improved
  • review existing contracts for improvement or identify replacements
  • review policies and procedures, and provide guidance for buying decisions
  • training and advisory help desk service
  • project-by-project procurement