Invoice Factoring

Damex Trading is a premier, and trustworthy, invoice financing company. We can help you turn unpaid customer invoices into quick cash loans with invoice factoring and invoice financing. Invoice factoring is fast, simple, and a debt-free way of getting financing. For instance, companies who cannot wait months, or weeks, for payments. Invoice factoring is very simple, and straightforward.

Factoring product companies

Companies who use factoring typical provide a product, or service, to their customers. However, when it’s time to invoice the customer, the company will send the invoice to the factoring company. Our invoice factoring company will advance the company of the value of the invoice.

Instead of paying interest, the cost of factoring in other words bases on how long it takes your customer to pay your invoice. Factoring fees are also based on things like the dollar volume of invoices factored, credit, and payment history, of your customers and the expected payment terms

What are the benefits of invoice factoring

Instead of waiting many weeks to get paid on your invoice. You can get an advance on those funds fast. Which means you get immediate cash for business expenses you have. For example, you can use the funds to pay for payroll, supplies, repair, expansion, anything.


There are three parties involved in a factoring scenario. After you deliver your product or service to the customer, an invoice is also issued. The company sells the invoice to the factor (Damex In return for the advance, the company gets anywhere from 70-90% of the value of the invoice. After the debtor pays the invoice, the business gets the rest of the funds. Minus a fee which is also based on the terms and value of the invoice. In the end, all three parties enjoy factoring.

Benefits of Factoring

1. Provides you with immediate cash.
2. It is also based on your customer’s creditworthiness.
3. The transaction is simple
4. It doesn’t drive you into debt.
5. You don’t have to wait for customers to pay.

Factoring Process

Invoice factoring is a simple process. A business first enters into an agreement with a factor. The business then creates invoices as normal. Thus, instead of sending invoices to customers, it sends them to the factoring company. Once it has assessed the invoices, it transfers a cash advance to the firm’s account within 24 hrs. The advance is 90 percent of the invoice. Once the customers pay, the factoring company subtracts a factoring fee. And then sends the balance.

Steps You Should Follow in Factoring.

1. Bill as normal.
2. Send your invoice to factor.
3. Receive cash advance from factor.
4. Your customers remit payments to the factor.
5. Factor sends the remaining balance after charging a small fee.


The relationship between a business and a factoring company is also based on a factoring agreement. The agreement contains the terms of engagement between the factoring company and the client. The terms include; Length of service, Advance rate, the volume of commitment, Fee/factoring discount.

The Length of Service

The lengths of factoring contracts vary. Some contracts last for only three months, some go for six months and others cover many years. You should always seek clarity on the length of service before you get into any factoring agreement.
Advance Rate

Most factoring companies advance you at least 70 percent of the total invoice amount. The amount of cash sent is also based on variables. Like customer’s creditworthiness volume and paying trends.

Factoring Volume
Most factoring agreements stipulate the volume of commitment. To get the best terms for your business. Low factoring fees and high advance rates. You can commit to factor an agreed volume of invoices.

Factoring Fees
Factoring fees vary based on volume, size of invoice, customer trends, industry and other variables. Some factoring companies demand a flat fee while others charge a factoring fee. Besides charges for their support and administrative services. Be clear on the fees before you enter any factoring agreement.

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If you’re a real estate investor then you know this: getting cash FAST is a challenge. When you see a potential opportunity, the biggest issue most real estate investors have is being able to buy the property immediately. The traditional lending process is cumbersome. And has no guarantee of success – besides being hard to get. If you have less than perfect credit, you’ll get rejected after wasting several months. Private money lenders, like Damex, are an alternative. Our company provides you with “private money,” and have guidelines. As a result, we look for real estate investors who have a fantastic opportunity, and a business plan that will work. Hence we look at the opportunity first, and the investor’s credit score last.

For a private money lender, credit score isn’t a barrier. In fact, it’s one of the least important things. Loans from traditional sources are contingent on a good credit history, and need a good credit score. In contrast, private lenders don’t care. Most of the time approval for a hard money loan can happen in a few days. Private money lenders focus on the potential profitability of the deal. Rather than your financial history. Having access to quick cash gives you greater leverage as an investor. Which allows you to close

What Are The Advantages these Loans?

When you find a good real estate deal, and want to do a fix and flip, you need financing. Purchasing the property can be tricky if you don’t qualify for conventional loans. Relying on traditional funding isn’t usually the best option. The best things to do is get financing from a private money lender. Private money loans have many advantages over bank loans. Here’s a few.

01 Fast Funding

Traditional loans take weeks. When a good deal is on the table, you need financing fast. Private money lenders who specialize in lending can get you funding very quick. Most private money lenders understand the business of buying and flipping properties. They understand rehabbing them is a fast process, and they are then sold. Most private money lenders can get your money within days, or hours.

02 Streamlined Process

If you’ve turned to a bank for a loan – you know the ridiculous amount of paperwork. It’s tedious and boring. When you money for a great deal – time isn’t on your side. Private money lenders know this and streamline the process. They don’t waste your time with lots of paperwork. They give you your money very quickly.

03 Flexible Loan

Banks are super cumbersome to work with. Their guidelines are very rigid, and essential – not a one size fits all. When it comes to private money lenders, they are more flexible when it comes to loan terms and loan amount. They tailor the loan to your needs. Each fix and flip deal is different, and private money loans reflect this basic concept.

04 Less Documentation

Traditional banks need a lot of documentation before issuing a loan. It takes time, and it’s a hassle. You need a lender who is so concerned about the deal rather than every aspect of your financial life. Private money lenders focus on asset-based financing. And as a result, they focus on your collateral.

05 No Hidden Fees

When you borrow money from a bank and signs reams of paperwork, you don’t know what hidden fees you are signing for. In contrast, when you work with a private money lender, there aren’t hidden fees. All the costs and repayment requirements are transparent and laid out.

06 Money borrower

Most banks are global enterprises, and as a result, they lend billions of dollars. They don’t care about you as a client. They take pride in making money and are not going to work with you in case you need help. In contrast, private lenders can work with you in case anything happens on your project.

What you can use our money

Refinance existing property One of the most common uses of private money loans is refinancing an existing property. We offer private money loans to refinance existing properties up to 50-80% of the value of the property. We offer flexible terms, ranging from 6-24 hours, with no prepayment penalty. You can use the money as you wish with no strings attached. Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property. We can help you refinance it and take cash out to invest elsewhere.

Buying new property Private money loans can be also used to buy new houses, condos, or family buildings. Or even commercial buildings. You can use use it to Buy and renovate an investment property, or buy a new commercial building to flip. Private money loans can be then used to buy new property for both short term fix and flip transactions. And long term buy and hold investments. Bottom line – they can be then used for residential and/or commercial buildings.

What’s the hard money loan process?

Damex provides hard money loans to real estate investors all across the world. Our process is very standard. And one that almost any real estate investor will understand and appreciate. Therefore we prefer to work with real estate investors who have a record of investment properties. Always we come first-time real estate investors to contact us – we’re happy to help!

Hard money loans are short term loans that are real estates secure. We provide these loans for a term ranging from 12 months to 36 months. The loan requires no monthly payment except for a balloon payment at the end of the term. The amount we can lend bases on the value of the property. The property can be either one the borrower already owns, or one the borrower is looking to get. Because we’re lending based on the property’s value, rather than the borrower’s credit. We’re able to get “creative,” when it comes to approving potential borrowers and deals. Before you apply – you should have the items below in order:

Identify a target property to get Understand how much funding you need(including fees etc) Identify what your exit strategy is, and how you’ll repay the loan

Interest Rates, Costs, and Fees

Our company doesn’t take cookie cutter approach to our loans. Everything is also customized from scratch, and every loan is unique. Each loan is then assessed based on it’s strengths and weaknesses. The interest on a private money loan can be either repaid in monthly payments, or as a lump sum at the end of the term. We don’t charge prepayment penalties if the loan pays off before the due date. Below are general guidelines on private money loans we offer: – Interest rates ranging from 7% to 13% – Lender fees(in some cases): 1.5% to 10% – Closing costs: 2% – 5% – Appraisal: $300 – $400 (depending on the circumstances)

Monthly payments are not amortized like a conventional mortgage. Interest rates on a private money loan are higher than a conventional mortgage. Due to the fact we allow you to make a bulk, lump sump payment, at the end of the term. Then you don’t need to worry about monthly payments. This makes a private money loan great for fix and flippers who want to reduce their monthly spend. It also makes private money loans great for buy and hold investors who don’t want huge monthly payments. And plan on refinancing later.

Private money lenders charge lender fees, also known as points, between 1.5% to 10%. These points can vary loan to loan. Some loans have no points, while others do. Points are also charged for lower duration loans, and for loans that are riskier. Smaller loans sometimes get charged points. Due to the fact they aren’t “big enough,” for the lender to make money long term.