Investment Philosophy

Damex Trading Company Ltd believes in investment philosophy. Especially those with sustainable business models and records of steady & superior financial results. Also, we offer opportunities to outperform the market over full market cycles. We believe that managing portfolio risk is crucial. And that diversification and a disciplined approach to valuation play important roles.

We believe thoughtful asset assignment can additionally contribute to better risk-adjusted returns. By clinging to the principles of this philosophy. We strive to deliver a compelling performance pattern of participation in rising markets. As well as protection in falling markets.

Balanced and Multi-Asset strategies

Damex seeks to provide clients with superior investment philosophy returns and lower risk. As compared to the appropriate benchmark. Our investment strategy combines asset allocation with managed equity and fixed income plans.
Investment portfolios are widely diversified with exposure across market capitalization, sectors, and geographies. For that reason, they can be customized to suit each client’s circumstances. Our turnover supports tax efficiency and in taxable accounts. Duties are routinely monitored. This ensures investments remain in line with our assessment of economic & market conditions. As well as our clients’ investment guidelines.

Equity strategies

Our company manages many equity portfolio ways across the market capitalization range. These include small Cap, Small-Mid (“SMID”) Cap, Mid Cap, and large Cap.
For equity strategies, our team tries to identify & invest in stocks of high quality at fair prices. High quality companies are those we determine to have sustainable business models. And also strong and stable financial results.
Investment portfolios are generally diversified with exposure across sectors. Because they can be custom-made to suit each client’s circumstances. Our turnover supports tax efficiency in taxable accounts.

Portfolio-related decision

An investment philosophy is a set of principles that will guide your actions when making portfolio decisions. Especially at both the macro and micro levels. Philosophy should be the starting point for every other portfolio-related decision you make as an investor. With enough research, data, and opinions at our fingertips in today’s fast-paced world.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of always trying to locate the best tactics, strategies or securities to buy right now. At best, this is a patchwork system that is sure to fail. Without an overarching philosophy to bring it all together. You’ll be chasing one investment to the next, losing money along the way. It may seem like a minor distinction. But an investment philosophy must be also determined before a portfolio is then implemented.