Our detailed Services

Damex Trading Company has an exceptional amount of technical expertise in financial services. We also understand the impact that it has on every aspect of each Client’s life. Hence, we always lead our Clients’ best interests in mind. As we also guide and provide clarity to financial investment.

Specialized loan services

We service bilateral, club and syndicated loans. We represent either a group of lenders on a single loan through our Loan Agency services. Our loan services are also tailored to meet your requirements. We specialize in providing services for:

  • corporate borrowers across our footprint
  • performing and non-performing (NPL) loans
  • secured and unsecured loans, with both simple and complex, multi-jurisdictional security packages
  • leveraged loans

This provides comprehensive support to both simple and complex syndicated loan transactions.


Our company furthermore guides your wealth management with comprehensive planning services. Likewise, we also focus on retirement lifestyle and legacy planning. For that reason, we can also help you manage risks and identify opportunities. Above all, we also focus on all aspects of your portfolio including.
Cash Flow and Liquidity Analysis
Tax efficiency
Estate planning Integration


Good investments are rather managed in a way that serves your best interests. The Advisers also understand your goals and thus we recommend solutions. Probably to achieve by providing long-term investment performance and service. And also a comprehensive suite. These are.
Comprehensive Portfolio Management.
Analysis of risk
Stress Testing
Portfolio Strategy & Implementation
Business Cycle Investment Philosophy
Concentrated Position Strategy
Alternative Investment


Your financial plan should thus have risk management to analyze & also manage your portfolio. Some of the risk management services also include.
Protected income strategies
Accumulation strategies
Annuity Review
Life Insurance Review
Long Term Care Review
Property & Casualty Review
Integration of Estate planning
Consolidated reporting
Charitable Giving

Although we aim to provide you with the highest standards of service. There may be occasions when our service or advice does not meet your expectations . Although we will deal with issues made, it is preferable that your issue is in writing by emailing to us.

  • We will send you an email acknowledgement within two working days of receiving your mail.
  • Should you have any concerns in the meantime you should contact us by email.