Supply Management

We are the best in Supply management. This is because of our best procedures, technology and experience. Therefore this enables us to fulfill the demands of today’s modern manufacturers.
The materials delivered to our local warehouse are also administered. Also a dedicated client service manager will foresee replenishment of the production lines. Either in Time on direct Feed basis.

All incoming supplies checked and then inspected by our team, before storage. The in pre-specified batch quantities in preparation for delivery to the manufacturing facility.
Due to the specific quantities required to meet your pre-determined forecasts. We also hold an amount of buffer stock for use to safeguard against any supply chain shocks. And also unforeseen increases in production.

Payment for inventory is on a “pay as you consume” basis. While eliminating any extra storage and labor costs that you would otherwise incur. This, combined with our fixed annual pricing, can be able to plan your cash flow . And also make sure that your staff focus on tasks that are central to your business’ profitability.

Strategic Goal

Damex helps the establishment of a manageable size of competent, reliable & competitive vendors. Especially those who are able to supply from their own sources. All our material and service requirements, wherever practical add value.
We aim to shift from overseas manufacturers and vendors to well established buyers. Especially to local manufacturers & service providers for all product groups and work categories.

What We Looks For 

Companies that provide high quality goods and services must have the following qualities:

  • Financial Viability
  • Superior Technology
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Excellent safety record

Go from strategy to results—fast.

We service a wide range of market areas including. Industrial, mechanical, refrigeration, energy and power pipelines, engineering and construction.

  • Improve operational and financial results without compromising quality.
  • Standardize products while enabling clinician customization.
  • Streamline processes and make better use of resources.

To succeed, you need a strategic partner focused on your vision for a supply chain. Damex works with you shoulder-to-shoulder to co-create a customized solution and speed up your strategy. Think of us as your all-in-one resource for supply chain excellence.

Here’s why:

System-wide coverage

We have the expertise and infrastructure to help you integrate, standardize and achieve your supply chain goals.

Built to drive down costs

Our vertical integration as distributor gives us end-to-end control of both quality and cost.

Financial strength

Being a private owned debt-free company enables us to flex as your operations grow. Thus adapting to your needs and customizing system-specific solutions.