Personal Credit Loans: Quick and Trusted Solutions

Getting a personal loan with bad credit or no credit history can be challenging, but some lenders specialize in these situations. If you need quick solutions and trusted options, it’s essential to do your research and compare lenders to find the best terms for your loan.

CNBC Select has rounded up the top personal loans for bad credit, including reputable options like Upstart, OneMain Financial, Avant, and LendingPoint. These lenders offer quick and reliable solutions for borrowers who may not qualify for traditional loans due to their credit history.

Whether you want to consolidate debt, cover unexpected expenses, or make a major purchase, these trusted lenders can help. Explore the rest of this guide to learn more about each lender and find the best fit for your personal credit loan needs.

By comparing lenders and considering factors like funding time, repayment flexibility, and fees, you can secure a personal credit loan that meets your financial needs. Remember to borrow responsibly and make timely payments to improve your credit score.

Best for People without a Credit History: Upstart

When it comes to securing a personal loan with no credit history, Upstart is the best option. Unlike traditional lenders, who rely heavily on credit scores, Upstart takes a more holistic approach to determining eligibility.

Upstart evaluates various factors such as education, employment, and credit history to give applicants a fair chance at obtaining a loan. This means that borrowers can still qualify for financing even with a credit score as low as 300.

One of Upstart’s standout features is its quick funding. Upon approval, borrowers can expect to receive their funds as early as the next business day, making it an ideal choice for those needing¬†immediate financial assistance.

Upstart offers flexible terms to accommodate different financial situations. Borrowers can choose loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $50,000, with repayment terms spanning 36 to 60 months. This ensures borrowers can find a loan that fits their needs and budget.

Upstart is an excellent choice if you have no credit history and need a personal loan. Its comprehensive evaluation process, quick funding, and flexible terms make it a top contender in the lending industry.

Benefits of Upstart:

  • No credit history requirements
  • Quick funding, often within the next business day
  • Flexible loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $50,000
  • Long repayment terms of 36 to 60 months

Best for Flexible Terms: One Main Financial

When it comes to personal loans, flexibility is key. That’s where OneMain Financial stands out. They understand that borrowers have unique financial needs and don’t solely rely on credit scores to make lending decisions. Instead, They consider various factors,¬†including credit history, income, expenses, and collateral.

With loan amounts ranging from $1,500 to $20,000, borrowers can choose the amount that best suits their needs. But it’s not just about the loan amount – OneMain Financial offers flexible repayment terms. Borrowers can opt for terms of 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, allowing them to tailor their loan to fit their budget and financial goals.

Additionally, OneMain Financial also provides the option of secured loans. By using collateral, such as vehicles, borrowers may be able to secure lower interest rates. This added flexibility ensures borrowers can secure a loan that best meets their needs and helps them achieve their financial goals.

Best for Quick Funding: Avant

Avant is one of the top options for securing quick funding for emergency expenses. With Avant, borrowers can expect loan approvals and funds to be disbursed as quickly as the next business day, providing much-needed financial support without delays.

Avant offers personal loans for various purposes, including debt consolidation, significant expenses, and emergency costs. Whether you need to cover unexpected medical bills, home repairs, or an urgent car repair, Avant has you covered.

Loan amounts with Avant can range from $2,000 to $35,000, providing borrowers with the flexibility to address a wide range of financial needs. Additionally, Avant offers repayment terms of 12 to 60 months, allowing borrowers to choose a timeframe that suits their financial situation and budget.

Avant is committed to simplifying the loan process, offering an easy online application that can be completed in minutes. This streamlined approach, along with the quick funding Avant provides, ensures that borrowers can access the funds they need promptly.

Having a trusted lender like Avant can make all the difference in emergencies. Their dedication to quick funding and understanding of the importance of addressing emergency expenses promptly set them apart as one of the best options in the market.

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Best for Fast Approval: LendingPoint

LendingPoint specializes in providing fast approvals for borrowers with fair credit scores. Whether you need to consolidate debt, cover major expenses, or address emergency costs, LendingPoint offers personal loans tailored to your needs. With loan amounts ranging from $2,000 to $36,500, you’ll have the flexibility to obtain the funds necessary to meet your financial goals.

One of Lending Point’s standout features is its rapid turnaround time. Borrowers can receive funds before the next business day, ensuring a quick and convenient borrowing experience. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who require immediate access to capital.

Thanks to LendingPoint’s focus on fair credit, they offer a viable solution for individuals who may have encountered difficulties obtaining loans elsewhere. By considering factors beyond traditional credit scores, LendingPoint provides an inclusive opportunity for individuals to secure the financial assistance they need.

Regarding fast approval and fair credit, LendingPoint stands out as a trusted lender that prioritizes meeting the needs of its borrowers quickly and efficiently.

Compare Personal Loan Rates: NerdWallet

NerdWallet is a trusted source for finding the best personal loan rates. Their platform comprehensively compares personal loan rates from various lenders, allowing borrowers to make informed decisions about their financial options.

With a team of experts specialising in consumer lending, NerdWallet reviews and rates personal loans based on different factors such as interest rates, terms, and loan amounts. This helps borrowers compare loan options and find the best rates for their needs.

Using NerdWallet’s platform, borrowers can easily compare different loan options side by side, making it convenient to understand the differences and choose the most suitable loan option. Whether you need a personal loan for debt consolidation, a significant expense, or emergency costs, NerdWallet provides a robust collection of loan options.

Using NerdWallet’s loan comparison tools, borrowers can access various personal loan rates from reputable lenders. This allows them to find the loan that offers the most competitive rates and terms, helping them save money in the long run.

It’s important to note that NerdWallet’s content is produced by writers and editors with expertise in consumer lending. This ensures that the information provided is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date.

To learn more about personal loan rates and compare loan options, visit NerdWallet’s website and explore their loan comparison tools. Take control of your financial future by making informed decisions with NerdWallet’s wealth of information.

Fast Loans: Best Lenders for Quick Cash in 2024

Finding fast loans can be crucial when facing emergencies or having short-term borrowing needs. To help you out, NerdWallet has compiled a list of reputable online lenders that offer quick funding for qualified borrowers. These lenders have established themselves as trusted sources for fast loans, providing convenient and efficient solutions. If you need quick cash in 2024, consider the following top lenders:

  • Upstart
  • LightStream
  • Best Egg
  • SoFi Personal Loan
  • Rocket Loans
  • Discover Personal Loans
  • LendingPoint
  • Upgrade
  • Universal Credit

These lenders have proven track records of providing quick cash to needy borrowers. They offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and streamlined application processes, prioritising speed and efficiency. Whether you need funds for an unexpected expense or to cover urgent bills, these lenders can help you access the cash you need swiftly and reliably.

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that doesn’t require collateral. Unlike secured loans backed by assets like a car or a house, personal loans are based solely on factors such as credit history, income, and overall financial health. This makes personal loans more accessible for individuals who don’t have or want to use assets as collateral.

When applying for a personal loan, lenders will evaluate your creditworthiness, which includes reviewing your credit score, credit history, and income. Based on this assessment, they will determine your eligibility and interest rates. A good credit score and stable income can help you secure better loan terms.

Repayment terms for personal loans typically range from two to seven years, although this can vary depending on the loan amount and the lender’s policies. Longer repayment terms allow for smaller monthly payments but may result in paying more interest over time. It’s essential to consider the repayment terms carefully and choose a loan that aligns with your financial goals and budget.

Personal loans offer flexibility in how the funds can be used. Whether you need to cover unexpected car repairs, medical expenses, fund a move, or consolidate debt, a personal loan can provide the financial assistance you need. It’s essential to use the loan responsibly and only borrow what you need, remembering that the borrowed amount must be repaid along with the applicable interest.

Benefits of Personal Loans:

  • No collateral required
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • It can be used for various purposes
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Easy application process
  • Quick access to funds

Considering the advantages and the potential purpose of the loan, a personal loan can be a helpful financial tool when used wisely. Before applying, compare loan offers from different lenders to find the most favourable interest rates and repayment terms for your needs.

Where to Get a Fast Loan

When you need a fast loan, several options are available to you. Online lenders, credit unions, and banks are all sources to consider. Each has advantages and factors to consider when choosing the right one for your needs.

Online Lenders

Online lenders offer convenience and quick funding for your loan. With just a few clicks, you can complete the application process online and receive funds in your account within a day or two. These lenders typically have streamlined processes and may offer competitive rates and terms. Some popular online lenders include Upstart, Avant, and LendingPoint.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that offer membership-based services. They often have lower interest rates on loans, including fast loans. Credit unions may also consider your membership history and provide personalized service. If you are a credit union member, it’s worth exploring the loan options they offer. Credit unions that provide fast loans include Navy Federal Credit Union and Alliant Credit Union.


Banks are another option for fast loans, although the process may be slightly longer. If you already have a relationship with a bank, they may be willing to extend a loan to you. However, banks typically have stricter approval requirements and may take longer to review your application. Examples of banks that offer fast loan options are Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank.

When selecting a lender for a fast loan, consider factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, and approval requirements. Compare the options available to you and choose the one that best fits your financial situation and needs.

How to Get a Fast Loan

Applying for a fast loan can provide a convenient solution when you need quick funds. To ensure a smooth application process, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the necessary documentation: Before applying for a fast loan, gather the required documentation, such as proof of income, identification, and any relevant financial statements. Having these documents readily available will expedite the application process.
  2. Pre-qualification: Some lenders offer pre-qualification options, which allow borrowers to get an estimate of rates and terms without affecting their credit scores. This opportunity will enable you to gauge your eligibility and explore different loan options.
  3. Choose the application method: Depending on the lender’s offerings, fast loans can typically be applied online or in person. Consider which method is most convenient for you and proceed accordingly.
  4. Submit your application: Complete the loan application form accurately and provide all the necessary information. Before submission, double-check the form to ensure its completeness and accuracy.
  5. Review and decision: Once you’ve submitted your application, the lender will carefully review the information provided. The decision may be communicated quickly, often within a few hours or a day.
  6. Funds disbursement: If your loan application is approved, the lender will initiate the funds disbursement process. Usually, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account within a day or two.

By following these steps, you can streamline the process of acquiring a fast loan and access the funds you need quickly and efficiently.

Remember to choose a reputable lender, compare rates and terms, and borrow responsibly to ensure a positive loan experience.

fast loan application

Fast Loans for Bad Credit

Borrowers with bad credit can still qualify for fast loans, although the interest rates may be higher. When assessing eligibility, lenders consider factors beyond credit scores, including income and debt-to-income ratios. Borrowers in this situation must compare their options and carefully consider the repayment terms and monthly payment amounts to ensure they fit within their budget.

Avoid payday loans and high-interest installment loans, as they can be expensive and difficult to repay. Instead, borrowers should explore alternative options that provide faster funds access while offering reasonable terms.

Loan Options for Bad Credit

Here are some loan options specifically designed for borrowers with bad credit:

  • Personal loans for bad credit: Some online lenders specialize in providing personal loans to individuals with low credit scores. These lenders consider various factors besides credit history, such as employment status and income stability.
  • Secured loans: Borrowers with bad credit may have better chances of approval by offering collateral, such as a vehicle or savings account, to secure the loan. This reduces the lender’s risk and can result in lower interest rates.
  • Credit union loans: Credit unions are member-owned financial institutions that often offer loans to members with less stringent credit requirements. Becoming a credit union member can provide access to better loan options and potentially lower interest rates.
  • Cosigned loans: Having a cosigner with good credit can increase the likelihood of approval and potentially result in better loan terms. The cosigner agrees to take responsibility for the loan if the borrower cannot make payments.

Borrowers should carefully review the terms and conditions of any loan they offer, paying particular attention to interest rates, fees, and repayment schedules. Working with reputable lenders who provide transparent information and have positive customer reviews is recommended.


In conclusion, personal credit loans offer quick and trusted solutions for individuals with bad credit or no credit history. These loans can be a lifeline in times of financial need, providing the necessary funds to cover expenses like medical bills, home repairs, or debt consolidation.

When considering personal credit loans, comparing lenders, rates, and terms is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best option for your specific financial situation. Factors like funding time, repayment flexibility, and any associated fees should be considered to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, responsible borrowing is critical to successfully managing personal credit loans. Make timely payments to improve your credit score and maintain a positive financial track record. Doing so increases your chances of securing better loan terms and options in the future.

Whether rebuilding your credit or needing immediate funds, personal credit loans can be valuable. Take the time to explore your options, choose wisely, and use these loans as a stepping stone towards financial stability.


What are personal credit loans?

Personal credit loans are unsecured loans that do not require collateral. They are based on credit history, income, and debt-to-income ratios to determine eligibility and interest rates. These loans can be used for various purposes, such as car repairs, medical expenses, moving costs, or debt consolidation.

Where can I get a fast loan?

Fast loans are available from various sources, including online lenders, credit unions, and banks. Online lenders offer convenience and quick funding, while credit unions may have lower interest rates and consider membership history. Banks typically require existing customers and may take longer to fund a loan. It’s essential to consider rates, terms, and approval requirements when choosing a lender for a fast loan.

How can I get a fast loan?

To get a fast loan, gather the necessary documentation and information for the loan application. Some lenders allow pre-qualification, which estimates rates and terms without affecting credit scores. Once ready, borrowers can apply online or in person, and the lender will review the information and make a decision. Funds can be deposited into the borrower’s account within a day or two if approved.

Can I get a fast loan with bad credit?

Yes, borrowers with bad credit can still qualify for fast loans, although the interest rates may be higher. To determine eligibility, lenders look at factors beyond credit scores, including income and debt-to-income ratios. It’s important to compare loan options and consider the repayment terms and monthly payments to ensure they fit within the borrower’s budget. Avoid payday and high-interest instalment loans, as they can be expensive and difficult to repay.

Which lenders offer quick funding for fast loans?

Some lenders that offer quick funding for fast loans include Upstart, LightStream, Best Egg, SoFi Personal Loan, Rocket Loans, Discover Personal Loans, LendingPoint, Upgrade, and Universal Credit.

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